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MACBO group, through its subsidiaries SEGEM, SOM and Cometer, provides log yards and platforms dedicated to the preparation and automated storage of timber, industrial wood and biomass.

At the earliest stages, technicians and engineers study the project of installation as a whole, and offer machines or complete sets, bringing their expertise to the overall study, including regarding the process and its expected productivity.

Our team operates from the draft until the operating and running plants.

Engineering is an important part of our offer. Our company wants to be part of an innovation and optimization process as a partner of our industrial customers.

MACBO is a leader in its national business, and has facilities throughout the world.


Our offer is a functional offer, based on a range of machines and associated mechanization and automation.

Our product range is divided into several categories of machinery, under the activity "BO" or activity "BIBE."

Innovation plays a significant part in this strategy. The company is a member of the competitiveness cluster Xylofutur and partner in several subsidized collaborative projects.

More than 1000 customers in France and in the rest of the world are using our equipment.

They are mainly sawmills, plywood plants, board makers and actors in energy industry – experts in heater or thermal/electric cogeneration for communities and companies.

The company's goal is to be a leading player in the markets in which it operates.

Our vocation

  • Trees are part of the greatest assets that the Earth gives us: oxygen suppliers, CO2 sensors, humidity controllers, building or packaging material suppliers, energy suppliers…
  • We must exploit their many qualities without losing anything, enjoying everything, and respecting their cycle of life.
  • SEGEM Macbo provides installations that prepare raw material made of wood to industrial use
  • There is a long way towards restoring the balance of our planet: wood will play a key role.
  • 80% de wood energy can be used directly in cogeneration plants! Can any solar sensor say that?
  • It is important that the process of wood preparation be part of clean technologies and pollutant emissions limited.
  • On 2020, CO2 emissions must be reduced by 20% and simultaneously, the use of renewable technologies must increase by 20%.
  • This includes good forest management and development of forestry dedicated to energy supply.
  • Our goal is to become the most innovative and effective company regarding the preparation of wood as valuable raw material.
  • Our clients are the central element of our daily work.
  • Our team is focused on clear targets and rules. Its members are trustworthy by their personality, their discipline and their sustainable actions.
  • We respect moral principles and cultural differences. We condemn every kind of racism and hostility versus difference. Our company informs, trains its employees and shares with them the results, year after year.
  • The skills and motivation of the personnel are considered the greatest wealth of our company.
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of all products, organizational procedures as well as permanent actions to control costs are the basic rules of our daily work.

A story of 40 years ...

During its 40 years of existence SEGEM went through many significant stages:


Founded by Michel LAFORGUE, in BELIN BELIET (Gironde, France). This creation stemmed from the fact that the needs in machinery from primary wood processing sector (mainly sawmills) were provided by import supply only.
At the very beginning, Segem numbered 5 people who designed, assembled and installed equipment, providing the functions of manufacture, market research and after sales service. The production however was outsourced.


The first workshop was created, making a significant part of the designed products. An engineer and two industrial designers joined the Design Team.


A significant development occurred. A sales network was created, first acting with agents, then with sales engineers, covering the whole country.
The Design Office expanded with the integration of an engineer and a technician in electricity-automation.
The first machine-tools were purchased.


The company decided to stimulate exports: a high-qualified engineer speaking 4 languages, was hired as Sales Manager.


Concerned by the environmental issues, Segem widened its range with installations designed for recycling and wood-energy. This growing sector was of major importance to Segem, which was striving to take advantage of a fast-growing market.


Taking over from Michel Laforgue, Hervé FROUIN with his industrial and international experience wanted to put new life into SEGEM. The main executives were participating in this takeover.


The new leader turned the development of the company on the wood energy.


Entry into the capital of institutional investors: R & D programs supported by Europe and France.


50% of the activity is on the new energy market. Acquisition of SOM, competitor in traditional sawing. The group has multiplied by 3 its workforce since 2008 and exceeds 100 people.

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